Please review our latest brochure for any sport activities for Summer 2018.  The registration forms for baseball (starting with 9U (consists of CURRENT 3rd grade boys), 10U (current 4th grade boys), 11U (current 5th grade boys), 12U (current 6th grade boys), 13U (current 7th grade boys) and 15U (current 8th & 9th grade boys) will be coming out to classrooms in the beginning of April 2018.  Please look for them in your Childs folder or have your child check at the middle school and high school offices!  Call 507-418-7550 for any information or questions you may have.

ALL softball for 10U (which is current 3rd/4th grade girls) and up is handled through the TYFSA (Venom Softball) group.  Please contact them for any information on softball at 507-272-9197