Kim Swanson
In this yearlong course the overarching theme of study will be living things. We will take a close look at what constitutes life before focusing on seven different areas: the cell, genetics, microbes, invertebrates, vertebrates, plants, and ecology. This is a required course that will align with Minnesota State standards. Both indoor and outdoor labs will be used to reinforce ideas and concepts. Projects, Web Quests, and various readings will also be used to enhance learning opportunities. By the end of the year you will have had a variety of learning experiences that will give you a solid foundation to continue your science studies or to be a well-informed citizen.
This is a college prep course. A college-level textbook in human anatomy and physiology is used, in order to familiarize the student with reading material at the next level. A fetal pig is dissected to observe the anatomy of a higher mammal. Much Internet and library seraching is expected. Some unites covered are cell biology, muscles, nervous system, endocrine system and skeletal system.
Accelerated Biology
If you want to go deeper and farther in science class, this one is for you. Topics covered will be parallel to those in regular biology (cells, genetics, ecology, diversity of life, chemistry of life, evolution and change, etc.), but you will be challenged to discover connections between biology and life and take a more in-depth look at these areas.