Alli Horejsi
Environmental Science
This course studies the environment and all the interactions that affect it. A year long course that has six focus areas: Introduction to Environmental Science, Ecology, Populations, Water-Air-Land Mineral and Energy Resources and Our Health and Our Future. This course will involve many different and varied labs both in the classroom and outdoors. This science course helps you understand how mankind interacts with the environment.
Nature Studies
Nature Studies spring focuses predominately on outdoor experience. We will cover topics such as outdoor survival, taxidermy, and ornithology. The semester will conclude with a legacy project which most students regard as the highlight of the course. Although it is not required that you take nature studies fall, we will reference many topics covered previously so it may be especially useful to take the courses sequentially.
Conceptual Physics
Conceptual physics is your gateway to understanding the world around you. In this introductory high school science course, we will examine physics at a preparatory level. This course is designed to give a broad overview of many science concepts and their practicality and relation to the world around you.